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Prolific Closet’s consignment fee is a negotiated percentage of the listing price. This fee is kept by Prolific Closet when your item sells. As a consignor, you will receive the remainder of sales proceeds less applicable expenses such as sales tax and cleaning. Items that are worn or not new (Pre-Owned) may require cleaning prior to being put on the sales floor. A Cleaning fee of $12.00 & up (depending upon shoes negotiated condition) will be charged which is either deducted from the amount you are to receive when the item sells, or will be due to Prolific Closet if your unsold item is picked up. Upon the sale of the item, payment will be made by check within 7 business days after the end of the consignment period. Prolific Closet invites consignors to bring in their own pricing, but if the price is unrealistic based on the current market, a team member may counter with an appropriate price or refuse to accept the item.The consignment policy does not allow us to accept overpriced items, despite the fact that we value your opinions. If a consignor is asked to pick up their items, and the items are not picked up, or sold for more than 60 days after the request to pick up is sent, the items may become the property of Prolific Closet. If your item is removed from consignment within two weeks of the date of the consignment request, then Prolific Closet reserves the right to charge $25.00 per item plus cleaning where applicable . In the event that this occurs it will be considered an authentication, cleaning and appraisal fee. If you would like to pick up 1 or more items you will need to give Prolific Closet 48 hours notice. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Must be 18 or older or have parents permission to consign with Prolific Closet 

A valid photo of a driver's license and or passport will be required.

We reserve the right to cancel any consignment and or sale that we deem can be negative for Prolific Closet or Consignor.





Our inventory is authenticated to be an original item to the best of our knowledge and we only accept the same for consignment. The merchandise sold in-store and online is carefully and thoroughly inspected by our team members through an extensive verification process. If a piece of merchandise has even the slightest inconsistency, we do not accept it under any circumstances. Fakes (Reps) and factory variants will never reach our members. 

If a shoe is listed as new (Dead Stock) it must be brand new and unworn. Used shoes vary in their condition. Prices are set depending on the condition and the current market value. 

In addition, we use apps such as Check.Check, Legit app, Ebay, Grailed, GOAT and StockX to assist with authentication and market data.



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